Cris Negron

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, UNC

Office: Phillips Hall 307

I will be at MSRI for Spring 2020, Quantum Symmetries program.

Mathematical interests:

Noncommutative algebra and tensor categories.

Teaching Fall 2019:

Math 774 Lie algebras. See course website and syllabus.



Current pursuits:

Support theory for quantum groups and Drinfeld doubles in finite characteristic. Relations between quantum groups and logarithmic CFTs.

Travel Schedule:

Nov 7-11 UIUC Alg seminiar & Quasy-con 2019.
Spring 2020 MSRI (Berkeley California) Quantum Symmetries program.
May 2-3, 2020 Fresno, CA AMS Sectional.
Jul 20-24, 2020UruguayLatinamerican Congress of Mathematics.
Aug 3-7, 2020 Pampa de Achala, ArgentinaQuantum2020.